Medical records chronology service

Medical Records: Chronologising

Given the varying nature of personal injury and clinical negligence litigation, the form and content of the presenting medical records will require an exhaustive and categorical approach to ensure that the needs and expectations of your firm are satisfied.

In particular, compiling an accurate and easily navigable chronology of facts and circumstances, with key dates, events and medical records given specific prominence, will ensure a truly comprehensive service is provided. Furthermore, the addition of an effective cross-referencing system enables improved functionality, accessibility and productivity when assessing a claim through to the commencement of litigation.

Upon gathering the medical records, Sort Paginate Scan will initiate the arrangement process; this involves the categorisation and subdivision of medical records, followed by appropriate indexing and pagination, before utilising the latest technology in digitally scanning the medical records for ease of access, storage and transfer.

Further to an expertly arranged chronology of medical records, the Sort Paginate Scan team, experienced in working with medical records and the inherent complex terminology therein, are well placed to ensure an intuitive arrangement of medical records in a manner which will complement the work processes of your lawyers and medical experts.

The essential services which Sort Paginate Scan offers include:

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