Digital scanning and storage of Medical records

Medical Records: Scanning, Storage & Transfer

Sort Paginate Scan offers a unique process utilising the latest technology to provide a fast, comprehensive and advanced service.

The digital scanning process promotes an innovative, efficient and reliable process in the collation, storage and eventual transfer of medical records for personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

Operating with the exclusive use of a pioneering virtual secure server, Sort Paginate Scan is using the latest digital systems for improved functionality and interaction when scanning, storing and transferring medical records.

Medical records comprising of documents, images and miscellaneous files are digitally scanned before being securely uploaded to the virtual secure server where they are stored. Once stored, the medical records are accessible and retrievable by permitted parties, such as your lawyers, your firm and your medical experts, for perusal or extrapolation of data when engaging in personal injury or clinical negligence litigation.

The ease by which the sorted and paginated medical records are scanned, archived, and downloaded ensures that your lawyers and your medical experts, regardless of their physical location, have access to the same critical materials at all times during the claim and litigation process.

Whilst Sort Paginate Scan makes use of the latest technology to digitally scan, store and transfer sorted medical records the utilisation of a reputable courier service enlisted by Sort Paginate Scan is also available for your firm, your lawyers and your medical experts.

The essential services which Sort Paginate Scan offers include:

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